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Posted in Awesomeness on May 18, 2011 by primalstrength

(this post has been chopped and copied form various sources, with a hint of my “assholishness”)

Modern testosterone levels are low. Good natured brawls have sadly taken a back seat to Dr. Phil and man-emotions. In fact, “Researchers in the US are finding testosterone levels to be substantially lower — by about 15 to 20% — than they were fifteen years ago. A man born in 1970, for example, had about 20 percent less testosterone at 35 than a man of his father’s generation at the same age.” (Newswire)

Testosterone is not evil. Women, along with weak men, say we have too much of it. Testosterone is actually a tremendously good thing. It improves, among other things:

vocabulary (most notably words with more than 6 letters)
sex drive
physical strength
competitive spirit

… also reducing the levels of bullshit in your life like:

preoccupation with money
thoughts of death

There are a lot of ways to increase your test levels. Here are some that I found:
Win, and root for winners. Testosterone increases in winners, helping them to push harder for greater advantage. Rooting for losers results in a marked reduction in test levels. So, don’t be a loser! Be competitive and fucking WIN!

I wanna show called “The Biggest Winner.” Fuck Losers

Be fucking aggressive. Doing aggressive shit makes you more aggressive, and testosterone is positively correlated with aggression and helps overcome the effects of fear. I AM NOT advocating you walk into Hollister and punch the first douchebag in the face. That might make your balls bigger….but I’m NOT telling you to do that.
Aggression is what makes great men what they are, and without aggression, we’d still be living in caves, afraid of everything and nibbling on bamboo shoots. To become more aggressive, all you really have to do is surround yourself with aggressive things. Some studies have shown that violent sports and other entertainments increase one’s levels of aggression, and likewise exposure to other aggressive people increases aggression. Watching violent movies, and hanging out with people into the same shit will increase your levels of aggression and thereby make you far more immune to fear.

Handle a gun. This makes you more aggressive. Plus it’s cool as shit. Go shoot somewhere. There is nothing like firing rounds down range, opening a can of chaos and wrecking shit.

Wear Red and Black. These colors can boost your test levels. How? Because the A-Team’s van was red and black, dumbass!

Listening to music can raise test levels. Turn that shit up.
On a side note I want to punch Josh Groban in the face.


In short, raise your test levels. Be BIG, Be STRONG, Be FAST!



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This was taken from Lift Strong Run Fast. Owner Scott Wells, who obviously has a GFY attitude (which I admire) gave me permission to repost this. Enjoy!

Loyalty- the state or quality of being loyal; faithfulness to commitments or obligations.

Basically not being a bitch ass motherfucker “B.A.M”. I see this in all aspects of life. From staying committed to a program, to keeping your word, all the way to relationships and friendships. Loyalty is worth more than money. In my opinion, it’s up there with RESPECT. Loyalty earns respect, not being loyal earns you disrespect. Once you don’t respect yourself, or others don’t respect you, it’s hard to hold your head high. People look down on you. “and you should look down on yourself as well” I was always told by my mother to conduct myself in a manner where I would treat others as if I would like to be treated. I understood this until recently. When I’m in the gym, I train hard, don’t make excuses, and give it my all every day. I can look in the mirror and tell myself I gave it my best. Whether or not my performance was good or bad, I tried and that is what I can respect. I see people giving half ass efforts and expecting full time results. This is where I would have to argue with my mother. Why should I give credit where it’s not due? These people are B.A.M. that will never work for results and bash any and everything that is trying to help them. Here are a few examples of B.A.M.

Miscounting reps=B.A.M.



Not giving 100%=B.A.M.

Missing work=B.A.M.

Trying to creep on your friend’s girl=B.A.M.

Not being part of the team=B.A.M.

Not being a MAN-B.A.M.

Supporting a B.A.M.=B.A.M

The list goes on and on. There is no exact definition for it but I promise you this, when you see it, you will definitely know it. It will be so obvious to you that you will almost dismiss it. Please, I beg you, don’t fall into this trap. You will lose every bit of respect.

Scott Wells

Proud Owner of Lift Strong Run Fast

P.S. Sometimes shit just needs to be said. I’m o.k. with being the bad guy, but I’m not o.k. with being the B.A.M. that keeps his mouth shut.


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