About Primal Strength

Primal Strength is here to provide a refuge from all of the bullshit information that is running around around the internet. This is a haven for like minded people “hell bent” on bettering themselves, physically and mentally. This is not the place for dick measuring! This is not the place for whining. This site will address topics that many will find offensive (we hope).

Primal Strength is about training and everything else in between.
What makes you Primal? It’s the desire to be stronger, faster, better and just fuckin’ awesome.
We train hard and play hard. We don’t take ourselves too serious and enjoy busting each others balls.

How can you become Primal? “Sack Up” and put in the work that it takes to be bigger, stronger and faster!


One Response to “About Primal Strength”

  1. Strong work guys like the program

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